business managerNow that Facebook Dynamic Product Ads are live in Power Editor , retailers who want to take advantage of Facebook Advertising will have to set up Facebook Business Manager first. Make things easier on yourself in the long run: Most businesses today have just a Facebook page and an ad account set up on an employee’s personal Facebook profile. Social Media Agencies: If you are an agency trying to find new clients, or already have a decent number of clients, then use Facebook Business Manager.

There is a big difference between Claiming Assets and Requesting Access to Assets. You can request access to existing pages or ad accounts if you don’t already have access. If you CLAIM an Ad Account it is very difficult to remove that ad account from the Business Manager – hopefully Facebook will adjust that.

To set up your Ad Account first, however, click on Create a new ad account” and fill out the form. Go to People and select the person you want to give asset access to. You will definitely need to make sure the page admin is available to approve the request in order for you to be able to transfer the ownership into your business manager

Have full visibility of your organisation’s numerous translation jobs with SDL Trados Business Manager customizable dashboard. To get a general picture of how your account and each of its assets are doing, simply look at the overview the Manager shows you as soon as you log in.

When you’re setting up your Facebook Business Manager account, it doesn’t matter whether you already have a personal Facebook account or not. Several accounts are particularly interesting for agencies that manage advertising accounts for different clients. At the same time, create your company’s mission and vision statements and find solutions on how to implement or accomplish them.