Where Do You Store Your Exhibition Materials?

It’s exhibition season as the sun shines and spring arrives, which signifies the importance of raising brand awareness, establishing connections, and acquiring new customers through exhibitions for numerous businesses. To achieve success at these events, having an ample amount of sales collateral is necessary, including stands, roller banners, leaflets, and demo units. The choice of materials greatly influences the outcome of the exhibition. However, storing these materials in your office can be burdensome due to their large size. In such cases, considering short-term storage for your business exhibition materials instead of using limited office space for items that are only used for a few months each year could be a more viable option.

Keep Everything Safe

Imagine the scenario where you retrieve your exhibition materials from the storage cupboard the day before the event, only to discover that they have been damaged. There are various reasons for this, such as someone accidentally causing damage while accessing something else, the intrusion of pests, the accumulation of condensation, spills, or rough handling. Now, you find yourself with damaged materials and limited time to arrange for replacements. This is a significant risk associated with storing exhibition materials in your office. By utilizing a self-storage unit, you can ensure that your materials remain undamaged and readily available for use whenever needed. This way, you can avoid the need to purchase new materials every year for the exhibition season and also free up valuable office space.

Prepared at Your Convenience

Have you ever experienced this situation before? It’s the day prior to the expo, and you’re busy preparing and packing everything for an early start. However, when You go to the designated location, you discover that only a few fliers are present. As a result, you end up spending several hours in a frantic search for the missing items, eventually realizing that you have 90% of your materials while the rest have gone missing or been misplaced since the last expo. Opting for a self-storage unit guarantees that all your exhibition materials will be stored in one place, eliminating the possibility of them being lost or misplaced between expos.

Optimize Your Workspace

Depending on the nature of your business and the layout of your exhibition stands, it is possible that your materials may occupy a significant amount of space. However, considering the high cost of office space, it is undesirable to allocate such costly space solely for storage purposes. Opting for a self-storage unit presents a more affordable alternative, allowing you to select the precise amount of space required, which can be adjusted as your needs evolve. This ensures that you only pay for the space you actively utilize. Furthermore, there are no restrictions on the number of items you can store, so if you have additional materials or belongings that need to be stored, you have the flexibility to do so. In certain instances, some of our customers have even downsized their offices due to the utilization of self-storage, thus negating the necessity for larger working spaces.

Extra Storage

A self-storage unit not only serves as an excellent storage option for your exhibition materials, but it can also prove highly beneficial for your overall business storage requirements. Although you may already possess ample storage space within your office, utilizing a self-storage unit enables you to reserve your on-site storage for frequently accessed items, while less frequently needed belongings can be securely stored off-site. These could include surplus stock, file storage, or any other business-related necessity you may have.