business strategiesSocial media marketing and Facebook marketing in particular has literally replaced blogs that business owners have traditionally relied on to promote their businesses. Branding and marketing is an essential part of business, says Beau Lane, CEO of full-service strategic marketing agency LaneTerralever It’s how the world views you; it’s their emotional connection to what you’re selling.” In today’s always-on and connected world, there are more channels to reach people, but Lane notes the essentials are still in good strategies

It’s successful if you’re contributing to a dialog or adding value to what you’re offering in the marketplace, but it can be harmful if your content has no value.” And while it can foster and continue a relationship, it is no substitute for two people looking each other in the eyes,” Lane says.

To take these pre-developed strategies to the next level, these ICPs and personas can be used to guide the types of platforms you base your mobile marketing campaign on. For example, by knowing what social media channels your target buyer spends the most time on, you can create mobile content optimized for these channels.

A company with a certain measure of longevity in a competitive industry creates sustainable returns if it continually brings new profitable products to market (the term product” is used in the broad sense of offering”, that is, it may also refer to a service, a solution, an experience, etc.). Products are the means for companies to create value, and to capture a significant part of that value.

James Gilmore and Joseph Pine found competitive advantage in mass customization 114 Flexible manufacturing techniques allowed businesses to individualize products for each customer without losing economies of scale This effectively turned the product into a service.