business ideasPeople are spending literally billions of dollars on the Internet today. It’s an excellent opportunity for people who are looking for low investment business idea. Luckily, there are tons of ways to start businesses and make money with a side hustle while still leading a well-rounded, meaningful life. Good business ideas have one key thing in common: a clear-cut ideas

You could also market your services to boat docks as a contractor to do the boat cleaning it offers to its customers. Brooklyn Candle Studio is one of many maker-owned businesses on Shopify that started on Etsy. We already pay people to do a lot of different things and by asking this question, you open the floodgates to all the possible business ideas around you.

Provided you can offer these people a convenient and trustworthy service, there is a good chance that you can make a great deal of money running a computer repair service company. Ideal for: People with a passion for personal development, empathy, compassion, and people skills.

You can make money through affiliate marketing, displaying ads, or publishing paid reviews. While writing a book might not be everyone’s cup of tea, there are guides and lots of advice online that can help you get started. Overhead might include equipment, marketing costs, and wages for personnel, but otherwise starting a cleaning service is a relatively low-cost enterprise.

Alternatively, you could try this business totally online, shipping signs to customers. Even if the product exists somewhere, that’s OK. If you haven’t heard of it, it means there’s room in the market — or you can beat any competitors doing better marketing down the line.