Business Development Tips For Small Advertising Agencies

business developmentWith an economy that can seem shaky at best at the moment, it’s a good idea to find ways to make your resume stand out. If your company is an early startup, the decision for joining an incubator or seed accelerator comes down to your personal confidence in your business model, the strength of your team, your capacity to execute, and not the least your fundraising skills.

Recognizing that small business is the economic backbone of the State of Tennessee, the Tennessee Small Business Development Center’s mission is to be the premier provider of quality solutions to potential and existing small businesses’ needs through consultation, education, referral, and support services.

Each individual at Crunchbase brings their own perspectives, work experiences, lifestyles, and cultures with them, and we believe that a more diverse team builds more innovative products, provides a better service to its customers, and helps us all grow and learn as individuals.

Over time though, the separation of the two roles should become more pronounced and specialized as your business begins to scale and you can afford to invest in better solving your bigger problem—generating more leads or bringing on salespeople to close more of the leads you already development

We see how the creation of a strategy (really a set of structured choices) leads in a very natural way to consensus, action and a much clearer view of who we should be talking to and meeting – who are our customers, the ‘value proposition’ and the kind of ‘deal’ that we might target.