Austria Visa Information

visaThe B1 visa is issued for the Business travelers to the United States and the B2 Visa is issued to visitors who intend to spend some time in the United States just for pleasure. Visa processing is an important service provided by the consulate section of an embassy or by the consulate general of a country. Private visa and passport services collect an additional fee for verifying customer applications, supporting documents, and submitting them to the appropriate authority.

Most visa applications are processed within a few days or so. Some countries can take up to a couple of weeks. Check if you need to apply for a Visitor Visa – people from visa waiver countries can travel to New Zealand without a visa but you must hold an NZeTA (New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority).

When worldwide demand for employment based visas exceeds worldwide availability, immigrant visa numbers are further apportioned among the various countries from which applicants seek to emigrate. Visa Waiver Program visitors who have a connecting flight in the U.S. are required to either have ESTA Travel Authorization or a Visa from a U.S. Embassy in their passport to travel through the U.S. even for a one hour

Any Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) citizen can enter and stay as long as required in any other GCC member state. First Time (New) : You can apply for a new visa if you do not possess a valid Pakistan visa. If you are a foreign fiancé of a United States citizen who have applied for a K1 visa for you, you cannot apply for a K1 visa yourself at the same time.

If the pages of your passport have become filled with visas or entry and exit stamps, apply for a new passport. Contact the nearest high commission, embassy or consulate of the countries you plan to visit, well before you travel. Switzerland: SA passport holders do not need a visa to enter Switzerland for a visit not exceeding three months.