Aprilia RS 125 – Prices, Specifications, and The Reviews 2019

The Italian automotive manufacturer, Aprilia, is indeed not too strange to us. Moreover, these manufacturers have been known throughout the world with superior and high-quality motorcycle products. Even Aprilia is very often involved in international racing events and most always dominate the game both from 125cc, 250cc to the World Superbike event.

Aprillia which is actually a part of Piaggio is indeed famously related and comparable to other Italian manufacturers such as ducati, mv august or benelli. For the number of motorcycle products, there are already quite a number of them, one of which is Aprilia bikes RS 125.

Previously I want to discussed the RS 150 series. Although we see from the name “125”, this motor sport has a performance that can not be doubted.

Aprilia RS4 125 specifications

Although carrying 125cc, but its performance is not inferior. For more details, let us consider as follows:


Engine type Single cylinder, 4 Valves, 4 Valves DOHC
Engine capacity 125 cc
Cooling System Liquid Cooled
Diameter X Steps 58 x 47
Max power 15 HP / 10500 rpm
Max Torque 11Nm / 8500 rpm
Top Speed 129 km / hour
Gearbox 6-speed

The performance is indeed very full power when considering that the motor is only carried with a 125cc engine capacity. There are also several supporting features such as fuel injection system that works to optimize fuel combustion so that the performance is even more powerfull. For the engine performance is very extraordinary indeed and can produce top speed that reaches 120km / hour, so it can be ascertained the price of the Aprilia RS4 125 Replica is quite expensive when considering what has been offered by the originally one.

Dimensions and Design

Length 1953 mm
Width 740 mm
Height 1138 mm
Wheelbase Distance 1350 mm
Seat Height 820 mm
Gas Tank 14.5 Liters
Weight 120 Kg

Aprilia RS4 125 Replica is indeed designed with the concept of a sport motorbike like a WSBK motorbike so the design is very elegant. Even more solid on the headlamp that already use LED both the front and rear. Next to the sides you will see a very compact body curve, and there is also a very comfortable seat design that has a thickness of 820 mm and do not to forget the design of a fuel tank is not too large can be filled with as much as 14.5 liters of fuel.

Frame and Suspension

Frame Type Aluminum Twin-spar Perimeter
Front Suspension Upside down Hydro Pole fork, 40 mm/11omm
Rear Suspension Swing arm, Hydro pole mono shock with adjustable spring preload / 130 mm
Front Brakes 300 mm Hydraulic Discs, 4 Radial Piston calipers
Rear brakes 218 Hydraulic Discs, 1 Piston Calipers
Front Tires 100 / 80-17
Rear Tires 130 / 70-17

There are many advantages possessed by motor from Aprilia manufacturers and as you know above, besides having a sporty design and very full performance, the Aprilia RS 125 Replica also has a framework system no less great. Carrying a framework made of Aluminum Twispar Perimeter, the framework is a very lightweight but very sturdy. Next to the suspension part from Aprilia but equip with Swingarm type, hydrolic mono shock with adjustable spring preload / 130 mm front side, while for the rear side of Swingarm, Hidrolic mono shock with adjustable spring preload / 130 mm.


As you know, the motor engine knows the Aprilia RS4 125 Replica is one of the sport motorcycles that it has and each type has sophisticated and modern technology features. These features include ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System), ABS is an additional braking feature so it is more optimal when braking. Meanwhile there is also a Speedometer that has used diagonal and digital instruments to the extent that the driver will be very detailed to see the condition of the engine, motor speed, turn signal and much more.

Price of Aprilia RS4 125

New Aprilia RS4 125 £4,399

And thus the review of the Aprilia RS125 Motorcycle, hopefully this article is useful