Before starting your trading journey, it is essential to pick the right broker that suits your preferences and needs. This is because brokers vary in their products, fees, charges, account types, and more. This means not all brokers are created equal. As such,with so many brokers available, traders must do the proper research before landing on one that is suitable for them. In this ADSS review, we take a look at how traders should evaluate a broker, and what ADSS provides. Make sure to keep reading below to learn more about them.

A look at ADSS

Here, we take a look at a specific brokerage firm called ADSS. ADSS is a renowned brokerage firm that has established itself as a trusted provider of financial services to investors and traders around the world. Committing to innovation, reliability, and client satisfaction, ADSS offers a wide range of products and services designed to meet the diverse needs of its clients. So, whether it is an individual trader, institutional investor, or corporate entity, ADSS is sure to provide a seamless trading experience, cutting-edge technology, and exceptional customer support.

Products available

There are thousands of products available through ADSS, which is great for those looking to trade with the broker. These include forex, CFDs on currency pairs, stocks, indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies.

More specifically, when it comes to forex, there are more than 60 currency pairs, which are made up of major, minor, and exotic pairs. ADSS’ indices include major and large ones such as the NASDAQ, the DAX, the FTSE, and the DIJA, to name a few. Commodity traders will also find plenty of opportunities when trading through ADSS through its metals, energy resources and agriculture products such as crude oil, natural gas, and coffee. Cryptocurrency CFD traders have the opportunity to trade CFDs on Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and more. There is also a wide range of individual stocks available to be used for both hedging and speculating purposes, including shares from GCC companies.

Account type information

Traders have the option of opening one of three types of live trading accounts with ADSS, or they can choose to sign up for a demo account. Currently, live accounts that are on offer include the Classic, Elite, and Elite+ tiers.

Classic Account

The Classic is considered ADSS’ standard live trading account tier. It should be suitable for most retail traders and investors. Below are a few of the key features that it provides to clients:

  • Competitive market spreads
  • 500:1 maximum leverage
  • 24/5 customer support from the ADSS team
  • Free access to a variety of training and educational resources
  • $100 minimum initial deposit

Elite Account

For those who are looking for more additional features and who trade more frequently, they have the option of picking the Elite account, which is the second account tier offered by ADSS. Below are a few of the key features that it covers, alongside everything already in the Classic account.

  • $100,000 initial minimum deposit
  • 25% lower spreads
  • 500:1 maximum leverage
  • Multi-base currency
  • Access to +Elite events
  • Dedicated senior manager

Elite+ Account

Finally, the Elite+ account is the highest account tier that is offered by the brokerage firm. It covers everything already in the Elite and Classic accounts, with a few additional perks. Here are its features below:

  • $250,000 initial minimum deposit
  • Ultra-low spreads
  • 500:1 maximum leverage
  • Access to +Elite events
  • Multi-base currency
  • Dedicated senior manager and sales trader

Demo account

For traders who are looking to practice and try features before they start trading with live funds on the line, they can do so through ADSS’ demo account. This account is through MT4 and allows traders to practice trading CFDs on shares, indices, commodities, forex pairs and more, along with industry-leading leverage.

Traders can get simulated trading with US$50,000 of virtual money, as well as experience live spreads and prices on a wide range of currency pairs and markets. The award-winning MT4 demo account is available on desktop, mobile and tablet devices, and the account is completely free to sign up, so long as the trader has already registered an account with ADSS. ADSS also provides exclusive and free video guides on how to use the trading platform and how to trade in the financial markets, which is fantastic for novices or those wishing to hone their trading skills.

Fees and charges

Traders will be pleased to know that ADSS does not charge commissions on their trades. That said, there is a minimum deposit requirement for every account tier, with the lowest account tier, the Classic, starting at $100. The next level, the Elite live account, stats at $100,000. ADSS’ third and highest account level, Elite+, begins at $250,000. Aside from this, there are no other hidden fees or charges. However, another thing to remember is that when transferring certain funds, traders should understand they may be charged fund transfer fees by their online wallets and banks, but this has nothing to do with ADSS themselves.

Educational resources

Traders will be happy to know that ADSS provides a plethora of educational resources and insights. This ranges from a video library on how to trade to in-depth articles that cover subjects such as how to interpret charts and how to trade CFDs. There is also a detailed section guide about ADSS’ bespoke trading platform, showing how traders can use certain features and navigate the interface. Some of the information also included are topics on how to execute trades precisely, how to monitor certain positions, how to manage margin utilisation, and more. In addition, ADSS provides a bilingual glossary page in both English and Arabic, which can help those who are unfamiliar with trading and financial terminology.

The brokerage firm further has a market analysis section that contains research published by its own team of specialists. Traders wishing to learn more about daily market movements and news events that may impact their positions can do so by going on to ADSS’ official website. The section is updated frequently, with insights both in English and Arabic.

Bottom line

On the whole, ADSS aims to provide traders and investors with a comprehensive and understandable trading environment. This means they include features such as advanced technology, educational resources, reliable customer support, competitive pricing, and more. By making use of all these services and features, traders can be sure to enhance their trading experience, make informed decisions, and pursue their trading goals effectively.