business managerBusiness owners and managers on their own will likely have considerable knowledge about different aspects of running a business. 3) Management of Time; So many things have been written and said on this issue. If the asset you want to manage is owned by someone else, such as a client, you can request access through the Request Access menu. Keep in mind that there’s also a limit to the number of advertising accounts you claim – although this can also be increased by contacting the Facebook support team.

Successful managers are able to get the important tasks done because they focus only on the activities that will ensure they meet their business objectives in the most effective way. In Business Manager, click Business Settings > Instagram to get started. SMBs: If you are an SMB who manages their own small number of Facebook pages, then Facebook Business Manager is not worth the manager

For the purposes of this post, we’ll assume you’re managing your own assets, rather than acting as an agency, so we won’t get into the Request Access process. Facebook Business Manager is a tool that you can use to organize and manage your business Pages and ad accounts in one place.

Once you’ve got the above sorted, you should see the account appear in your list of ad accounts within the ‘Business Settings’ page. Business Manager allows you to create multiple advertising accounts, each of them having their own currency, time zone and associated Pages.

Business manager has been designed to avoid all this hassle by simplifying the process of adding users to different Facebook assets. Adding your Facebook ad account is an almost identical process to adding a page, but I’ll walk you through the steps here so you can see them in action.