Master In Management (Coursework)

master in businessJoin the workforce. This allows students to obtain real-world perspectives directly from the industry, preparing them for their careers in a way that online education program sometimes fail to do. With the retirement of baby boomers imminent, there are large portions of the executive leadership industry that are about to open up. The program is designed to prepare students to capitalize on this opportunity, making the program uniquely oriented around career and success outcomes.

The Master in Business Management – Asian Markets is a full-time program structured in 1.500 hours of learning activities over 12 months of study, divided into: 360 hours of lecturing, an estimated 540 hours of independent study, and 600 hours of internship.

A blend of mathematics and science, students take a blend of courses that include calculus, linear algebra, survey methodology and experimental design as well as core statistics courses like statistical theory and probability, according to the BLS It is important for graduates of statistics degree programs to have a well-rounded background, so students often take courses in engineering, physical science, chemistry, biology and health services, particularly as undergraduates.

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You’ll learn about traditional and innovative approaches to management, develop analytical, managerial and interpersonal skills, and cover topics such as emotional and social intelligence, corporate ethics, strategic thinking and communication, corporate social responsibility, approaches to leadership, and how to understand, interpret and use data to improve performance and employee satisfaction.