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The number of these requests will increase by 20 per cent through the festive season or throughout vacation periods, when pet owners are spring cleansing, she added. Rabbit welfare teams and pet shops have also recently known as for pet house owners not to buy rabbits out of impulse due to theYear of the Rabbit. “Over the years, people are taking the proper steps if they cannot care for his or her rabbits anymore. They will contact the animal welfare teams to go through the right SOPs to provide them up,” said Ms Betty Tan, president of House Rabbit Society Singapore.

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Adoptions are not maintaining pace with the number of animals coming in, which is leading to worsening conditions and higher rates of euthanasia in lots of shelters. But as NPR’s Julie Depenbrock stories, shelters are finding methods to innovate. “Previously, pet house owners tended to assume that expensive means better, but during the pandemic, they spend extra cautiously and would shop around for the most effective deal,” mentioned Shen. The CWS obtained a quantity of reports of a smaller variety of cats being abandoned during the last two months, suggesting a growing number of irresponsible cat house owners.

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Researchers are finding out the security of bringing animals into hospital settings as a outcome of animals could expose people to extra germs. A current examine is wanting on the safety of bringing dogs to go to youngsters with cancer, Esposito says. Scientists might be testing the children’s arms to see if there are dangerous levels of germs transferred from the canine after the visit.