Ole Miss Business

business classesThere are many ways that small business training can be beneficial to a new company. Approximately 100 students are paired with members of the business community each year to learn about possible career paths. Required for students who enter the College of Business Administration as transfer students. However, there is a difference between the space offerings of business and first class.

Completing management classes will enable you to be a leader in many careers. All students are required to fulfill a general education core that introduces students to many different disciplines, such as history, science, math, literature, philosophy and the arts.business classes

What you’ll learn: How to grow your business by flexing different marketing muscles. To ensure the quality of the academic program and to assist in continuous improvement efforts, all students must participate in one assessment event prior to graduation. Traditional schools, colleges, and universities often offer this type of program.

Create a replicable business model, complete with financial projections. Necessary skills of time management, leadership, planning, motivation, conducting meetings, communication, handling stress, conflict, and performance appraisals will be discussed. You can develop decision making skills, learn about effective time management and communication with our business classes.

This program requires completion of two classes (BUSN 630 and 631). It offers fundamental courses on planning and managing a business, financing, finding investors, accounting, marketing, contracting with the government, and running an international company.