How To Become A Business Manager

business managerA key business management skill that any business manager or executive should have is the ability to solve problems. I already have an Ad Account – This is the most common situation, where businesses are essentially looking to re-organise and tidy up their set up. It’s also the situation agencies find themselves in, as typically you are requiring access to a pre-existing ad account.

There are many causes and reasons for this that can include being too busy, not having enough time, a lack of trust in their own team and the list can go on. There are managers who are control freaks who cannot bear to let go or do not consider delegation is part of the manager’s job.

I only have two business manager accounts so I’m not really sure what the problem is. Both of these business accounts were created on behalf of clients who aren’t very technical, but I didn’t realise at the time that it would make me the primary owner of the Business Manager, so in hindsight they should of set the account up and given me manager

On Facebook, you need an admin role for a Page, Ad account, or Business Manager before you can access all of its settings and make certain kinds of changes to it. Pages, Ad accounts, and Business Managers have separate account permissions, which means that you need admin roles for each one.

Tip: We’ve found it’s easiest for Partners to be added by clicking on the blue link at the bottom of the Assign Partner pop-up window and then inserting the Partner’s Business ID. They should be able to provide this to you (it is the number at the end of the url when logged into Business Manager.