Business Intelligence (BI) And CPM Software

business intelligenceKPI: the first step to do for a successful Business Intelligence process. Business intelligence is traditionally delivered to executives and managers in the form of reports or dashboards, but it is becoming more common for workers in many roles across the organization to access BI information to help them be more effective in their roles.

Has an in-depth article on what that job entails; in general, they aim to use all the features of BI tools to get the data that companies need, the most important being discovering areas of revenue loss and identifying where improvements can be made to save the company money or increase profits.

Our Business Intelligence Associates play a critical role in enriching Komaza’s business by collaborating with multiple departments to ensure we gather the right information with a high degree of data integrity in order to develop insights for our rapid expansion across East Africa.

The software offers limitless dashboards, intuitive drag and drop interface, and a large selection of charts to help you dig deep into your data and visualize it. Datapine’s centralized data management allows you to connect every source of data in your company, whether internal and external, and consolidate them in one intelligence

While many organizations have invested in a desktop or on-premise KPI dashboard, an exciting new possibility for “going pervasive” is mobile BI. Mobile BI dashboards offer a level of accessibility that is not possible with desk-bound tools — today’s mobile BI solutions are accessible> via any smartphone (iPhone, Android, BlackBerry), tablet (iPad, iPad2), or Internet browser.