Business Cards & Stationery Printing

Folding business cards are one of the current top trends in business card design. It offers excellent ink to paper contrast, and printed colours appear bright and defined. The scope of business etiquette includes considerations that many professional ignore, or simply do not pay enough attention in the belief that a business card is just a small paper rectangle with a name and phone numbers to introduce yourself.

An appealing business card does not contain the print content of a novella. Be prepared to pay a little extra for round corners, but it might be worth it to add a touch of personality to your business cards. Our professional templates are set up with proper bleeds and margins, so your business cards turn out accurately.

If you belong to a large corporation, you were probably issued business cards as a matter of course, almost as if it was a company perk. Select the Small Cards tab to find the Business Cards tab. A business card can also be coated with a UV glossy coat (offset-uv printing).

Business Cards are sold in sets of 100. For double-sided business cards, we recommend choosing a paper stock that is at least 16 pt. thick. For example, your business card for marketing your product will have your name and the phrase “provider of the best computer in the state, the PC4000.” Marketing cards have different tricks and different models of this kind.

We also offer the possibility of folding your name cards in half on our folded name cards product page. Choose, personalize and print one of our quality design templates. The UPS Store handles a wide variety of print jobs, including business cards, postcards, banners, signs, presentations, newsletters, flyers and much more.