7 Creative Alternative Uses For Business Cards

Business cardsBusiness cards are your entry ticket in many business situations and it is wise to make them with sufficient care. The huge range of design options available ensures your cards can be completely unique — which is essential when you’re trying to differentiate your business from the competition. A recent trade research reveals that the business card printing in the US is a $1.2 billion industry and with the advent of advanced technology the function of business cards is increasing.

There are some amazingly creative examples on the web, like this die-cut letterpress stationery , and when combined with creasing you can use the process to create architectural features in your card design. Make sure that your background extends to fill the bleed to avoid your Business Cards having white edges when trimmed.Business cards

This fun and clean business card design is effective due to the use of simple yet attractive icons and an eye-catching color scheme. Our designers create your artwork according to your specifications and, if desired, the design of the Business cards can be unique.

High-resolution designs optimized for printing. Printing business cards online is possible for offset or digital and available in the standard size of 85mm x 54mm. Using what’s called optical art which creates the illusion of movement and vibrating patterns, this design is sure to make it stand out from a pile of other ordinary business cards.

Please choose whether you would like your product to be printed one-sided or two-sided. Cards are usually printed on business card stock or saved in an electronic form and sent to a printshop. Different printers offer different options for finishes, so speak to them to find out what they can do for you, and don’t be afraid to go to a specialist if your usual printer only offers straight four-colour print.